plstm: A program to slice LDOS files for STM imagesΒΆ

Given an LDOS file, the program plstm can extract a 2D section in constant-height or constant-current mode, optionally projected on spin components. Non-collinear and spin-orbit modes are supported.

Usage: plstm [options] LDOSfile


-h             Print this help
-d             Print debugging info

-i current     Constant-current calculation
               with 'current' in e/bohr**3
-z height      Constant-height calculation
               with 'height' in bohr

-s {q,x,y,z,s} Spin code (default 'q' for total 'charge')
               (x|y|z) select cartesian components of spin
               s selects total spin magnitude
-v 'ux uy uz'  Tip spin direction for selection of spin component
               The vector (ux,uy,uz) should be normalized

-X NX          Request multiple copies of plot domain along X
-Y NY          Request multiple copies of plot domain along Y

-o OUTPUT_FILE Set output file name, overriding conventions

-H/-I          Stop after computing ranges of heights and currents

The 2D section is ready to be plotted by gnuplot. Implementations of other post-processing options are welcome.